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Jim Bayles to Swim Lake Erie to benefit JDRF

  • August 12, 2013
  • 12:00 - 11:59
  • Freeport Beach
  • This event has passed.

During the week of August 12, Jim Bayles of Newtown, Connecticut will be swimming across Lake Erie, beginning in Long Point, Ontario, and ending at Freeport Beach in North East, PA,  to benefit JDRF.  Lake conditions have to be just right, so we will wait for the word from Jim on which day he will swim.

Not only will donations made locally stay with the NWPA Branch of JDRF, additional donations will benefit the Fairfield County, Connecticut Chapter of JDRF.  It’s a WIN-WIN situation!  If Jim completes this swim, he will hold the record as the oldest swimmer to complete the swim across Lake Erie.

Check out Jim’s story:

“As you know, for many years I swam in honor of my father, a 50-plus survivor of Juvenile Diabetes or Type 1 Diabetes (T1D).  To say he was only a survivor is a misconception. Except for a little neuropathy of the foot and some burst blood vessels in the eye, he led a remarkably healthy and active life until his late 70s.  When he retired his doctor’s remarks after his physical were basically, ‘Congratulations, everyone your age has caught up to you in terms of their health.’

I am swimming again for JDRF of Fairfield County because of my granddaughter, Kayla, who came down with the disease at age five.  She is one tough kid for many reasons, including the fact that she must contend with this disease while still in grade school.

Since my father’s death almost 20 years ago, and even in the last two years since Kayla was diagnosed with T1D, changes in outlook and potential breakthroughs are numerous.  On JDRF’s website and on the internet, there are multiple groups of people exploring many avenues to try to find a cure or improve the therapy available today:

·         An artificial pancreas, where the body creates the hormone insulin in healthy individuals, contains a continuous glucose meter that monitors blood sugar, a store of insulin which is released to counteract high blood sugar and a computer that controls the flow of insulin.  This is now in clinical trials.

·         The next generation of an artificial pancreas will include glucagon, a naturally-occurring hormone that combats too low blood sugar.

·         Nano technology that will release insulin as blood sugar rises.  The potential for this technology is that a patient will only need a shot once a week and not multiple times per day.

·         Potential use of stem cells to repair injured systems such as the pancreas or the Islets of Langerhans which produce insulin in the pancreas

·         The potential use of gene therapy to fix the gene that triggers the T-cell attacks on the pancreas, rendering it unable to produce insulin

Unfortunately, all of these efforts take money.

I chose to swim for JDRF of Fairfield County in the past because they have one of the lowest “expense to revenue” ratios not only in the JDRF family of organizations but in all money charity raising organizations.If you would like to donate you can send checks made out to

“JDRF of Fairfield County”

c/o James M. Bayles

29 Butterfield Road

Newtown, CT 06470

Or you can call


JDRF – Fairfield County

200 Connecticut Avenue

Suite H

Norwalk, CT 06854



Thank you again for your continued support.

Best regards,


Venue: Freeport Beach
Address: North East, 16428 United States map
Start: August 12, 2013
Ends: August 18, 2013
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